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#bizforum debate

#bizforum is the first weekly debate on Twitter, which features an eclectic mix of business executives, PR, marketing and customer service professionals engaged in a professional exchange on  today's trending business topics. 

The weekly "Twitter chat" was created in response to Sam's frustration with typical chats that were too focused on one topic that they quickly became repetitive and failed to offer new insights. Further, he found that the majority of them were comprised of at least 25% re-tweets and self-praise.

Pulling from his experience as a champion debater during his academic career, Sam created #bizforum to provide executives the opportunity to delve deeper into today's most talked about business issues.  6 statements related to the week's theme are offered throughout the hour-long debate and participants are asked to share their agreement or disagreement by sharing their experiences and opinions.  The #bizforum community is alive and well and approaching its second year anniversary delivering an average 2,000,000 impressions weekly.

Join the debate each Wednesday between 8 and 9 PM Eastern by following #bizforum on your favorite Twitter application or on

#bizforum videos

For the 100th anniversary of our Twitter debate, some of the debate regulars and I chose to attempt a simulcast debate on YouTube.  Despite some Google+ Hangouts glitches, after about 45 seconds we were back up and debating! 

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