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Sensei Marketing is focused on one thing: building the value of our client’s businesses by improving their customer experience.

The relationship a business has with it’s customers begins well before they make a purchase and extends well beyond product or service fulfillment. Successful brands understand the value of the entire customer life cycle from awareness to purchase to advocacy and all the connecting points in-between. The methodologies and technologies developed from our years of experience allows us to determine the health of your customer relationships, identify blockages in the customer life cycle and, where applicable, improve the customer experience at any stage.

Sensei Marketing’s mandate is inspired by its namesake. A Sensei guides, educates and inspires followers with a mastery of their discipline that has been honed over years with a singular focus and dedication. Our team is comprised of experienced business, marketing and interactive strategists, each with over 20 years senior level experience with enterprise brands and marketing agencies.  Our services drive engagements via: lead generation, lead nurturing, lead conversion and customer retention leveraging web, social, mobile, event, direct and analytic services in one cohesive program.

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