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“Sam's presentation style is dynamic. How can someone maintain such a high-level of energy after presenting for 8 hours?! Amazing."

Allan Berkowitz, San Diego [Power of Social Media Conference]

“[Sam's] understanding of
marketing and social media measurement and accountability is impressive. Marketing executives should all take a lesson from this guy."
Brenda Halley, Anchorage [Social Business Conference]


“[Sam] has the ability to distill seemingly complex social business issues to business basics. Refreshing to see this at a social conference!"
Sam Tellington, Atlanta [Social Media Masters Conference]

Keynote Presentation
Social Media Week Toronto

Keynote: #140Conf Montreal

Keynote: AIMS Sales Conference

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Sam began his speaking career 20 years ago when he produced a monthly conference series in which he partnered with Oracle, Microsoft, HP and other enterprise solution vendors to present interactive strategies to executives from large businesses at a time when the Internet was becoming a major force in marketing and e-commerce. Fast-forward to today, Sam has spoken internationally at events produced by TEDx, BlogWorld, MarketingProfs, Social Media Club, Social Media Today, PRSA, and hundreds more.  He has delivered keynote presentations, innovative debate-style panels, and created/delivered training programs on interactive marketing strategy for conference producers, corporate clients, and marketing agencies around the world.

His 20+ years of senior management experience in guiding sales and marketing teams has resulted in the knowledge and skill to credibly speak about marketing and interactive strategy, social media engagement & measurement, and influence marketing.


Sam has earned his reputation the hard way - by working it. Along with managing his customer experience practice, he's a featured writer for The Huffington Post, frequently interviewed or referenced in marketing magazines such as Wired, MarketingMag and some of the most popular marketing & business blogs. A Top 50 Marketing Blogger himself, according to Kred/PeopleBrowser, and the co-author book: Influence Marketing - How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media, Sam has become a passionate advocate for innovation and measurement in marketing across multiple channels. 


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The Social Media Show UK hosts Eric Swain and Ann Hawkins interview Sam on the growing effect of Influence Marketing on the industry. LISTEN NOW >>

Available Keynotes, Presentations, and Worskshops

Summary: Social media has created a unique opportunity to crowdsource your business's sales and marketing by leveraging an army of online advocates and influencers. But with so much digital noise, conflicting influencer measurement tools, and increasing pressure to measure results, how can you identify which individuals, blogs, and social networks are most impactful? Using real case studies, this presentation will help you understand what true influence marketing is today, why it's important, and how to leverage this marketing strategy for your B2C or B2B business. 


Available: Keynote, Presentation, 3-hour Workshop


Summary: Ever wonder why CMOs rarely get promoted to CEO? Boards of Directors are demanding more accountability from marketing executives and departments, but how can branding, relationship building, and earned media be measured against bottom-line results? What's the ROI of marketing?  This session explores a proven method of KPI-mapping that connects customer touch-points in marketing to customer life time value and bottom-line results. 


Available: Keynote, Presentation, 3-hour or 6-hour Workshop


Summary: Are employees wasting time while engaging in social networks or driving business value? Has productivity grown or decreased as a result of your firm's social media engagement? This series uncovers the cultural and organizational changes that must occur in businesses before they can truly benefit from engaging customers in social media. We'll cover HR, customer service, sales & marketing, and operational integration in this informative presentation. 


Available: Keynote, Presentation, 3-hour Workshop


Summary: How much of an investment has your business made in acquiring new customers? How about developing the value of your existing customers? If you know, do you understand how they affect each other and how that impacts customer life time value? This presentation explores the relationship between these two spheres and how to properly integrate the two in order to decrease sales & marketing costs, drive up qualified leads, and increase conversions. 


Available: Keynote, Presentation, 3-hour or 6-hour Workshop

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